The Tortoise and the Hair

Women and Words

Top of the Morning to you and all that.

This is one of those occasions that I get to write on a 5th Monday!

I was going to write about building a series – but that’s a subject that isn’t going anywhere and will have as much impact when I write it.  Today I’m going to talk about selfless acts and selfish behaviors.

I’m going to stress here – this is only MY opinion – and may not be true for others.

I consider my depression is selfish.  I try and find my way around in the dark and watch the people who love me most struggle and try to “fix” it.

I struggle to fix it.

I pray and give things to the Universe.  I pretend, post, and do positive things to change my energy.

Let’s put aside the empathy for a second – although it contributes, now that I’m…

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