Are there Chicken Enchiladas in Heaven?

Blogging at Women & Words today 🙂

Women and Words

Good Monday morning!

Here we are again. Yesterday was my late daughter’s birthday.  We got through another  year and this month (well – every calendar year) There are five Mondays in the month. Usually – I forget because of Dezi’s birthday.

But I didn’t this year. That has to count for something, right?

Ya’ll have hung in there with me through this blog for 4 years now.  Can you believe  it? It’s hard for me to fathom that I’ve been a part of this wonderful group of women for that long.

We’ve also established I have a memory problem! So I don’t remember half – (ok, more…) of what I’ve written.

So as my thoughts were with Dezi –  and who could blame me? I was writing another eulogy in my head yesterday.

But I’ve realized I’ve already done that. I found the one I wrote the first year I was…

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Capture A Muse Journal Giveaway

Blogging at Women & Words today 🙂

Women and Words

Good Monday morning!

Can you believe how fast this year is going? It seems I’ve blinked and half the year is gone. Wasn’t March just last week?

It feels like it.


May is a rough month for me, so I’ve decided to brighten it up a little and do a giveaway!

I’d like to tell you about my latest project with editor, Rogena Mitchell-Jones who generously released this journal for Deserae (Dezi) – on the 11th anniversary of her passing.

We had a chance to get our heads together and decided to create a journal together. Writing is something I love to do but sometimes (okay a lot) I run out of stuff to write about or experience the author’s dreaded white (screen) brick wall known as writer’s block.

What if we could combine the two –  a journal with writing prompts to help break through the wall?

Well we…

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Blogs and Bleu Kittens

Women and Words

Good Monday morning!

The Bleu in the title is not a typo – I did it on purpose. We’ll get to why shortly 🙂

I want to go into blogs for a minute.  Some people are just born to write them – they are witty, informative, fun to read, and impressive from where I’m sitting. Take our blog for instance: Women and Words is full of these amazing writers.

I don’t consider myself one.

Talented authors have the ability to make it look easy and effortless.

I’m letting you in on a secret – I agonize over my turn – I may even drip blood on the keyboard while banging my head against the desk. I don’t have a problem with giveaways or praising another author. There is already a subject there for me to draw on.

I may have, once or twice, wrote an amazing one on a fascinating subject…

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Meet Me in the Middle – Book Giveaway!

Women and Words

Good Monday morning!

They pay me to say that…

Kidding. 🙂

So, it’s the morning of my blog and I’m in my office early to write it. I’d been doing so well.  I can be grateful however, that I remembered before 4 in the afternoon. It’s happened.

Here’s what’s happening in Vonnie-Land.

At long last… Drum roll please…

I have a new book to giveaway!

It’s been a while. 2 years 3 months to be exact. And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your patience and love while I’ve been recuperating – from both my heart attack and the ensuing results.

Enough of that! It’s passed and – I have a new book to giveaway!


Veterinarian Aislin O’Shea runs a busy clinic. She wasn’t looking for a relationship. She’d already had the perfect one. She certainly wasn’t attracted to fancy pants executive, Ms. Zane Whitman – she wasn’t…

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I Can’t – I Just Can’t

Women and Words

I’ve been saying that for weeks now. “I can’t, I just can’t.

I. Just. Can’t.

It’s an Empath’s nightmare.

Better than of half of America is in anguish.

The other half is – I don’t know. I just can’t.

I have to ask the question again – Are they in denial – or just stupid  ignorant?

I don’t know anymore.

I have to say this again: The level of ignorance I’m witnessing is astronomical.

I’m reminded of the Roman Dictators.

Conquer, conquer, conquer. Enslave, oppress, and give the common people – I don’t know football maybe? Kind of like the bloody gladiator “games.” That are played in  stadiums – coliseums?

I just cant.

The stuff going on behind closed doors – I just can’t

The stuff being done in the open – with support from his “yes-men.”

I just can’t.

The ban: I just can’t.

I am crippled emotionally –…

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Where were you?

Women and Words

When we rose up and declared we would not go quietly into the night?

Yesterday, we were making History, or Herstory – whichever you like.

I had a blog planned for today – ghosts, rainbows, puppies, and butterflies. You know, the kind I  usually write. Unless I’m writing about depression – but that’s totally another blog for another time.

Here’s the thing. I was a mess this last week (as hundreds of thousands were) – even more so than during the election. I felt the anguish my friends were posting, I cried buckets. I jeered at the utter stupidity of this new regime, and took a ton of antacids.

Really  – an entire bottle of antacids.

Leading up to and on the day of inauguration, I promised Sandy I would stay off social media. She’s the one who has to put me back together in the evenings when she gets home…

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Hootenanny 2016 – Day 12

Last but NEVER least – Day 12 of the Hootenanny! Hit the link, read the awesome blog – and leave a comment for a chance to win!

Women and Words


You made it! This is Day 12 of the 2016 Women and Words Hootenanny. Thank you all for joining us on this wild n’ crazy ride. We hope that you had fun, that you met some folks, learned about some new authors, and won some books or other swag-ness. We also hope you had some fun with the antics that go on here and that you ran around singing Hootenanny songs all the time. And we hope that we were able to spread some luv.

Even though it’s the last day of the giveaway, the elves and reindeer generally don’t calm down for a couple more days yet, but they do help with cleanup (they’re magic). Right now, however, they’re teaching the neighbors’ grandparents the Electric Slide. As a tip, you can also do that dance to Janet Jackson’s “Nasty” (srsly — try it), but right now, they’re…

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Hootenanny 2016 – Day 11

Day 11 of the Hootenanny – and still, NO ONE is slowing down on the goodies! Best year ever! Hit the link, read the blog and comment for a chance to win!

Women and Words

Day 11.jpg

My friends, welcome to day 11 of the 2016 Hootenanny, in which we pretty much pulled out a bunch of stops and flooded your world with as many books as we possibly could (and tried not to lose our minds in the process…we’re not sure that didn’t happen yet, so check back later).

I’ll be honest. This place is a wreck. LOL. The furniture is covered with tinsel, reindeer, elves, pizza boxes, eggnog cartons…omg. But it’s okay, because nobody really sleeps during the Hootenanny, so what’s the point of trying to lie down? The elves have busted out the Twister game again and that’s been going on for a while. The neighbors came by with more eggnog (that’s so nice) and a bucket of fried chicken. That, too, is a nice change but omg we’re sure it’s not doing us any good in terms of healthy livin’. But hey, it’s…

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Hootenanny 2016 – Day 10

Day 10 – it’s going fast – The Hootenanny rocks. I’M UP TODAY IN THE GIVEAWAYS! Hit the link, read the blog, leave a comment for a chance to win MINE or any of the other amazing authors in the giveaway today!

Women and Words


Day 10, my friends, and the livin’ is cray! Jove and I always tell people that the Hootenanny is seriously big. It’s big giveaways. 30-50 books a day. And they don’t believe us. There’s always this kind of skeptical expression. And we say we get over a hundred authors and a bunch of publishers and the lists are different every day, but still people don’t believe us.

And then they come and see.


And that is pretty much what happens! We love the Hootenanny because we love participating in our communities and we love how awesome the authors and publishers are who participate and willingly — GLADLY — put up books for readers and everybody just gets in to it. But we also love the Hootenanny because it allows readers to get exposed to bunches of authors, and we hope you use these lists throughout the year. :)…

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Hootenanny 2016 – Day 9

Day 9 of the Hootenanny! No one is taking any breaks up in here! Hit the link, read the blog, check out the plethora of books available. Please leave a comment for a chance to win books and swag 🙂

Women and Words

A tangled ball of Christmas lights

You made it! Day 9! But guess what? WE ARE STILL GOING STRONG UP IN HERE. That’s right. This party DOES NOT STOP FOR TWELVE DAYS. The elves don’t suddenly decide to have a bit of a lie-down around this time and oh, la-di-da we’re just going to lounge and binge-watch Star Wars. No. They’re on their third wind or whatever it is and it’s about this time that the parties are in serious full-swing because they manage to get the entire block in on it and right now there are reindeer line dances on the neighbors’ roofs while the elves are drag-racing in Barbie cars down the middle of the street. The neighbors love that, because it’s the elves doing their version of the Fast and the Furious. Which, fortunately, end up in snow banks.

One of the neighbors was kind enough to fire up the grill so we…

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