Thanks for playing 🙂 Have an awesome holiday full of love and positive energy 🙂

Women and Words

I have to say, I’m pretty sad to see the Hootenanny end. Y’all have been awesome participants and if the elves had their way, each and every one of you would get a whole truck full of books. Alas, that’s not the way this works. For each book, we have one lucky winner. And that winner is listed below next to her new book. Congratulations!

Yeah. Second that. We’ve had a blast for the past 12 days. Thanks to everybody for participating with us and if we could, you’d all be up to your eyeballs in books. 🙂

Friends, welcome to the final day of the Women and Words Holiday Hootenanny! And thank you. From the bottoms of our pointy-toed elf slippers to the tops of our goofy-looking Santa hats.

(The elves request that you sing along, to the tune of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas”)

Have yourself A…

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Whoo-hoo! Day 11 of giveaways 🙂

Women and Words

AND we have winners! Posted below, next to the books. Thanks for playing and we hope you join us tomorrow, for the grand finale!

Whew. The elves overslept a bit. Sorry about that! They’re up, now, and they’re continuing the craziness. . .

No. Nuh-uh. NO FREAKING WAY. We are NOT done yet! Welcome to DAY FREAKING ELEVEN of the 2012 Holiday Hootenanny! THANK you, authors (both indie and traditional) and BSB Publishing for donating a book a day and making this a book rave moshpit extraordinaire!

Dashing through the snow
with an armload full of books
laughing as we go
crazy though it looks
bells on elf hats ring
making neighbors scream
OH what fun it is to give
these books away, you see!

Today’s offerings are listed below, in the order they’ll be given away. So the first name we draw will win Colette Moody’s book, the second…

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Women and Words

Woo! We have winners. I love this part of the night when I get to tell a bunch of strangers that they won some really cool books! Check for your name next to the books below. I’ll send out email notifications to the winners as well.

Have you thus far enjoyed yourselves in this veritable frenzy of book-givin’ luuuuuv? BECAUSE WE SURE HAVE. The house party has since spread to the roof (seriously, this ain’t no tiny reindeer tip-tapping above), and it just might be registering on the Richter Scale. The merry elves have been doing “Gangnam Style” around the chimney, while we’ve got reindeer in a Texas Hold ‘Em game by the decorations. What? What’s that?

Oh, of course! THANKS, authors (both indie and traditional) and BSB Publishing for donating a book a day for the sheer unadulterated FUNZY-TIMES we’re having here with all of you.

– ahem —…

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ANOTHER day of drawings? Whoo-hoo! DAY 9 of the holiday hootenanny over at Women and Words…

Women and Words

Woo! We got some winners up in here! Their names are posted next to their new book. I love the Holiday Hootenanny!


Hi, there! Starting today an hour early cuz we had to get Santa’s sleigh into the shop.

Every time a Women and Words merry elf sings “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” a tiny woodland fairy gets her wings. Fortunately for us, they all have pretty good voices, but even if they didn’t, who are we to stand in the way of wings and woodland fairies? Or even merry elves and Xmas carols?

Exactly. Shout-out to the generous authors and BSB for offering up a cornucopia o’ books for your holiday cheer, friends! Grab yerself some egg nog — PRANCER! Put that flask away! That’s the un-spiked nog! — and a cookie and join us for more merriment!

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer
had a lot of books in here!

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Can you BELIEVE it? Women and Words are STILL rolling with the giveaways! Day 8 of the Hoottenanny – leave a comment for your chance to win!

Women and Words

Winners below in bold next to the appropriate (or inappropriate if you’re lucky) book. Keep reading!

Uh-uh. Don’t you be lying down! The elves just got their second wind, and we’ve cranked up for DAY 8 here at the Women and Words Hootenanny! We’ve got books freakin’ galore to give away — oh, lordie. The elves are now doing their own version of “Macarena.” It is truly a sight to behold, elves doing a line dance. But it’s only because the Hootenanny is book party central! And we can thank all the authors (indie and traditional) and BSB for donating a book a day for this fabulous-ness.

The elves’ version of “Macarena”:

Gimme all the candy, dance the Macarena
I want more eggnog cuando bailo don’t eat the mistletoe-a
Hand me all that candy, dance the Macarena

Truly a sight. I’ll leave you to envision what that…

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Can you stand it? MORE FREE BOOKS! Leave a comment and enter the drawing. Whoo-hoo!

Women and Words

AND we have winners! WOOOO! The names of the winners are posted next to the books. THANK YOU for playing today, my friends, and we’ll see you tomorrow. 🙂

PEOPLE! A little message. PLEASE check the winners’ lists on previous days. We still haven’t heard from a few of you, which means our notification emails may have gotten sucked into your spam filter. If you are Laurie Johnson or A Thorpe, you’ve won. Please check your spam filters or check in on our contact form here. Thanks. (C’mon now! Check in!)

Moving along…

Oh, good gracious me. We have crossed into Day 7 here at the Hootenanny and the egg nog is flowing pretty freely. One of the elves has taken it upon herself to hang peppermint sticks and ornaments on the reindeers’ antlers (they look kind of cute, actually) and I think I just found peanut brittle under the…

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Day 5 🙂 Enter your comment for the drawing!

Women and Words

WE HAVE WINNERS! WOO HOO! The name of each winner is posted below, next to the author whose work they’ve won. Thanks for playing today, folks, and come back tomorrow for Day 6!

HI! Welcome to the Hootenanny. Please check the winners’ lists on the previous days. If your name appears as a winner, and you haven’t heard from me (Andi) or Jove, please check your spam filters or drop us a line via the contact page here. Jove and I email the winners within 30 minutes or so of the drawing, and chances are our emails may have gotten sucked into your spam filters if you’ve won and haven’t heard from us. THANKS!

And another reminder: if you are an author whose book is featured today, please don’t sign up for the drawing. Cuz it would be kinda weird to win your own book. 🙂


We’ve got a…

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Women and Words

Winner’s names are posted next to the books! Go have a look. Totally okay to peek now.

I saw you peeking behind the curtain just then. Darlings, don’t worry! This is only Day 4! There’s plenty more after this! The merry elves are just getting started. They just put up the disco ball and brought in ice for the bathtub beverages. When circuit party music starts, you’ll know it’s time to get jiggy with your stocking caps. None of that “tucked in for the night” crap here in the Hootenanny. Uh-uh, missy. This here is HOLIDAY FERVOR FULL BLAST. You want book luuuv? We’ve got book luuuv. And we’re passing it on to YOU, baby. Thanks to all the authors (both indie and traditionally published) and Bold Strokes Books, which put up bunches of books for our event here at Women and Words.

Today’s offerings are listed below, in the…

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Who doesn’t love free books?

Women and Words

Check it out! We have some winners! The names are listed next to the appropriate book. Congratulations y’all!


Hark! The merry elves do sing!
Glory to these awesome things!
We’ve got books to give away
So leave a comment here today!

Day 3, people. Surely you’re with us for the long haul, yes? Because the merry elves are some long-winded, resilient little things, and they’re in this even as the party spills outside and involves the reindeer. At that point, you know your hootenanny may have evolved into a throwdown, but that’s a whole other situation. Right now, BOOKS, baby! Thanks to the authors who donated books, from both traditional and indie publishing, and thanks to BSB for their generosity this year at the Women and Words Hootenanny.

Today’s offerings are listed below, in the order they’ll be given away. So the first name we draw will win one…

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