Day 5 🙂 Enter your comment for the drawing!

Women and Words

WE HAVE WINNERS! WOO HOO! The name of each winner is posted below, next to the author whose work they’ve won. Thanks for playing today, folks, and come back tomorrow for Day 6!

HI! Welcome to the Hootenanny. Please check the winners’ lists on the previous days. If your name appears as a winner, and you haven’t heard from me (Andi) or Jove, please check your spam filters or drop us a line via the contact page here. Jove and I email the winners within 30 minutes or so of the drawing, and chances are our emails may have gotten sucked into your spam filters if you’ve won and haven’t heard from us. THANKS!

And another reminder: if you are an author whose book is featured today, please don’t sign up for the drawing. Cuz it would be kinda weird to win your own book. 🙂


We’ve got a…

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