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Women and Words

AND we have winners! WOOOO! The names of the winners are posted next to the books. THANK YOU for playing today, my friends, and we’ll see you tomorrow. 🙂

PEOPLE! A little message. PLEASE check the winners’ lists on previous days. We still haven’t heard from a few of you, which means our notification emails may have gotten sucked into your spam filter. If you are Laurie Johnson or A Thorpe, you’ve won. Please check your spam filters or check in on our contact form here. Thanks. (C’mon now! Check in!)

Moving along…

Oh, good gracious me. We have crossed into Day 7 here at the Hootenanny and the egg nog is flowing pretty freely. One of the elves has taken it upon herself to hang peppermint sticks and ornaments on the reindeers’ antlers (they look kind of cute, actually) and I think I just found peanut brittle under the…

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