Can you BELIEVE it? Women and Words are STILL rolling with the giveaways! Day 8 of the Hoottenanny – leave a comment for your chance to win!

Women and Words

Winners below in bold next to the appropriate (or inappropriate if you’re lucky) book. Keep reading!

Uh-uh. Don’t you be lying down! The elves just got their second wind, and we’ve cranked up for DAY 8 here at the Women and Words Hootenanny! We’ve got books freakin’ galore to give away — oh, lordie. The elves are now doing their own version of “Macarena.” It is truly a sight to behold, elves doing a line dance. But it’s only because the Hootenanny is book party central! And we can thank all the authors (indie and traditional) and BSB for donating a book a day for this fabulous-ness.

The elves’ version of “Macarena”:

Gimme all the candy, dance the Macarena
I want more eggnog cuando bailo don’t eat the mistletoe-a
Hand me all that candy, dance the Macarena

Truly a sight. I’ll leave you to envision what that…

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