My first blog as a regular over at Women and Words 🙂

Women and Words

Hello and welcome to my very first blog as a regular here at Women and Words!

Thank you to Jove and Andi for the invitation and vote of confidence. I’m going to be honest here and tell you that my initial reaction was a big fat *gasp.*

Me: “I’m not worthy!”

Jove:  “Just write about writing.”

Me: “Easy for you to say – have you ever talked to my editor?” Ha!

I’m flying blind here.  The easiest way to ease in to this would be to go into more depth about my life and answer a couple of questions that I get frequently. I hope that you’ll find something interesting and come back as I’ve tied up 3 Monday’s a month.  Feel free to ask more – and I’ll try and work them in.

So, I write ghost stories about kick-ass women with supernatural powers and Bold Strokes Books is…

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