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In my last blog, I made a comment about all the houses I’ve lived in were haunted in one way or another – which brought up this week’s questions.

How haunted were they?  and the ever-popular – Where do you come up with this stuff?

It’s a good time to point out that in the 1970’s – the only handy reference I had to ghosts and paranormal information was from the church and the movies. We didn’t have access to reality television with its plethora of ghost hunting shows. There was no such thing as a friendly ghost – and I’m not counting Casper, the cartoon. It wouldn’t have been a subject that I would have looked up in the library because I was scared to death of them.

Understandably, my memory, perspective, and point of reference from that time period might be a bit skewed.

But there is one house my family lived…

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