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What the heck is Psychometry and Retrocognition?

If you would have asked me when I was growing up what these terms meant, I would have stalled you and ran off to look to it up in my handy-dandy encyclopedia set.  I wouldn’t have found the terms in those old volumes, but I am one those people who wants to know everything. I couldn’t stand not knowing the answer to any question. Secretly, I was convinced I was a reincarnated Druid because of it. But, that’s another story altogether.

Here are the official definitions according to Wikipedia:

“Joseph Rodes Buchanan coined the word “psychometry” in 1842. A form of psychic reading in which an individual claims to obtain details about another through psysical contact with a possession.”

Retrocognition (also known as postcognition), from the Latin retro meaning “backward, behind” and cognition meaning “knowing,” describes “knowledge of a past event which could not have been learned or inferred by…

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