The Murderous Monkey Bars OR How I Fell in Love with Betty.

Women and Words

In my blogs, I ramble – and in my true, ADD fashion, wander off-topic and mention other events in my life. I end those with… “But that’s another story.”

I’ve had several requests to relay the story of how I broke both my arms when I was a young girl. So, to keep my promise – here it is 🙂

Once upon a time,

A long, long time ago…

San Francisco, California, I believe it was 1969 or 1970.

(When you’re my age, you’re allowed to be fuzzy on the details.)

Three classes in the elementary school I was attending, went on a class trip to The Discovery Center. I actually don’t even remember where this place is; just that it took forever to get there on the buses. I did try and research the distance, but the place is no longer there.

After we toured the facility, we were…

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Yvonne Heidt writes Paranormal, Gothic, and Modern Romance novels. She would love to tell you she lives in a haunted Victorian mansion overlooking the ocean where she spends the afternoons writing in the turret while the ocean breeze blows gently through the picture window. But... Instead, she lives with her beloved wife of 17 years, four dogs, and a myriad of visiting ghosts in a place she calls Vonnie Land. Yvonne likes to describe herself as being a charismatic and amusing Libra Goddess. On some days she writes like a fiend, but admits that other days, she's just as content to wrap up in a blanket and cuddle with her dogs while watching "one more episode." on Netflix. Three-time Golden Crown Literary Award winner for Best Paranormal Lambda Literary Award Finalist, Rinbow Award winner and finalist.

3 thoughts on “The Murderous Monkey Bars OR How I Fell in Love with Betty.

  1. Ahhh, monkey bars. I remember them well. Almost killed myself on ‘en a couple’a times too!

    Betty. Veronica always seemed a bit too high maintenance for the laid back butch I grew into.


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