Hoedown – Day 3

Women and Words

OH my land! Here we are at the Hoedown shakin’ like we got it. YEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAA! Take a flight on the RAFFLECOPTER below, my friends, before the elves try to land that pup on the Sears Building again. Here are the cool things we’ve got going on today. To sign up, click the big ol’ RAFFLECOPTER button below.

I’m pretty sure we’ve managed to successfully hide all the fireworks from the elves. For reals, you’ll thank us later. Although I overheard talk of a kegger behind the barn later in the week. As long as we keep fireworks out of the hands of the elves, barn dancing is fine.

And now, check the offerings below! Then click on the big ol’ Rafflecopter button to play.

Author feature for the day:

A signed copy of Sometime Yesterday, by Yvonne Heidt

Yvonne Heidt’s first book, Sometime Yesterday, was a 2013 Lambda Literary…

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