Hoedown – Day 5

Women and Words

HERE WE GO! Fun n’ games at the HOEDOWN!

Oh, my. When the elves said “barn dance,” they weren’t kidding. Swear, that whole building is actually dancing. And last I checked, there was square-dancing on the roof. Fortunately, the building is still standing after one of the elves found a couple of fireworks we hadn’t hidden and. . .um. . .I’m sure we can get the windows repaired before the Hootenanny. But no matter! This here is a summer HOEDOWN, my friends!

Swing yer partner round n’ round! Jump all around like you got no ground! Do-si-do and hoochy-coo, WERK IT, friends, ’til you fall on down!

What? I heard that at a square dance once. Maybe.

ANYWAY! Thank you SO much for hanging out with us on this summer book fest and trying out the Rafflecopter. Speaking of, if you want in on the drawing, clickie the big linkie…

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