What Will People Think?

Women and Words

Well, a happy good morning to everyone!  I’ve been in the editing cave, so there isn’t much new happening here with me, other than the fact I quit smoking.

But that’s another story…

So, while I’ve been racking my brain to come up with an interesting subject for the blog, I realized I haven’t done any self-promotion in a while. Even thinking about doing so starts me squirming in my seat, and makes me uncomfortable.

OMG – What will people think if I write THIS:

I am a published author and I receive fan letters from readers. Much to my humble surprise, I also win awards!


See? That was actually painful for me to type. I’ve broken out in a sweat and my fingers are hovering over the delete key.

I don’t know if anyone else relates to this. It was hammered into my head to always be humble, never…

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