NaNoWriMo and the ADD Author

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Well, it’s Day 11 in the National Novel Writing Month journey. The frantic “Write 50,000 words in 30 days” challenge. I wrote last week about plugging into the collective energy as authors around the world are sitting in front of their keyboards, tablets, laptops, and notebooks – in a creative frenzy to answer the challenge.

I see only one problem with this, and it’s a Universal Law: What goes up – must come down.


I’m at that point when I’m asking myself why the hell I thought I should do this again. It’s kind of like childbirth, if you remembered how much it hurt, you’d never, ever – do it again.

Because that would be crazy, right?

I was riding high, writing in a frenzy, pulling ahead of the daily par, and entering my word count faithfully – up to five times a day. Hey, I’m obsessive like that…

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Published by Yvonne Heidt

Yvonne likes to describe herself as being a charismatic and amusing Libra Goddess. On some days she writes like a fiend, but admits that other days, she's just as content to wrap up in a blanket and cuddle with her dogs while watching "one more episode." on Netflix. In between those, she's managed to be a three-time Golden Crown Literary Award winner for Best Paranormal, Lambda Literary Award Finalist, and both a Rainbow Award winner and finalist.

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo and the ADD Author

  1. I have worked full time since I was 14 and never once at a job I didn’t like, not even for a minute. Consequently, I’ve never participated in Nano because the idea of meeting a word count daily (or follow rules and regulations) would feel like work to me. But I do like cats. And puppies coming down the stairs are tge cat’s meow.


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