DAY 5 of the 12-Day Holiday Hootenanny!

Day FIVE – guess what? One of MY books in being drawn in the Holiday Hootenanny today! Go to the blog, read the adorable lead in and leave a comment!!!!

Women and Words


Hello, dahlings! You thought we were going to take a breather? ARE YOU NUTS? This is the Hootenanny! There are another seven days or so of this crazy! We’re not even at the halfway mark! WOOO HOOOO! The elves have busted out a keg of eggnog to finish off the Mallomars from the hockey game — I’m pretty sure it’s not just eggnog in there — and the reindeer are having a dance-off. People, you haven’t lived ’til you’ve watched reindeer break dancing. But hey, we only do this once a year, so why not?

Hint: sing to “We Three Kings”

We the elves at Women and Words
are bringing the books because we are nerds
meadows and mountains, swamps and fountains,
following all of these words

Ohhhhhh OHHHHH! books of wonder, books so bright
books with covers, books so tight
westward reading still proceeding
where the hell is the…

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