DAY 6 of the 12-Day Holiday Hootenanny, 2013!

DAY SIX! Holy Reindeer… ooops. Join in on the fun – go to Women and Words, leave a comment and be entered in the drawing for FREE books! How awesome is that? Yay!

Women and Words


Well, we’ve reached the HALFWAY POINT of the Hootenanny here at party central Women and Words. I just found a bunch of mistletoe in the punchbowl (I don’t even want to know what that’s about) and several formerly missing Christmas ornaments decorating three pizza boxes left under the couch. Somebody put menorah and kwanzaa candles on a cake (yikes) and somebody else has started laying down techno beats to Frank Sinatra Christmas songs. Oh, lord. No. Really. Certain elves should not mosh. It is off the hook up in here, people.


Chestnuts roasting in the barbecue
Jack Daniel’s sipping in the back
Yuletide carols sung off-key by elves
and reindeer wearing tinsel on their racks [get your minds out of the gutter!]

Everybody knows some pizza and some mistletoe
help to make the season bright
tiny elves with their eyes all aglow

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