DAY 8 of the 12-Day Holiday Hootenanny, 2013!

Day EIGHT of the Holiday Hootenanny! Go on – there’s still PLENTY of amazing author’s giving away books for the holidays!

Women and Words


Hmm. I see we had a bit of a party last night. I know this because there are several unknown elves crashed out in the living room under the coffee table. I don’t really want to think about how the Christmas tree got on the roof. But I will say that it looks nice. I’ll have to have Rudolph fly up there and take care of that later.

(hint: “Up on the Rooftop”)

There’s a tree on the rooftop, what the hell?
How did it get there? Must’ve been an elf!
We’ll need a reindeer to get it down
Par for the course
with the elves in town

Oh hell no
don’t you go
Oh hell no
don’t you go
up on the rooftop
don’t you slip
you’ll fall down the chimney
with ol’ saint nick

Heh. The elves like this one. They’re gettin’ jiggy with it.

So how are…

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