2013 The Bonus Year.

Women and Words

So, we’ve closed out 2013 – the year that wasn’t supposed to be – according to the 2012 End of the World theorists.

If you read or follow me at all, you know I’m all about leaving it all on the table. I am not going to lie to you – I had doubts, people. I had doubts.

end-of-the-world-editI am a master weaver, a seeker of knowledge and truth. I will take one thread in a tapestry and pull it, unraveling it from the whole until I find the other end. The problem with that is this: What if the thread that I followed was a mistake, a flaw in the original pattern?

What if everything that I’ve learned was a lie? I usually trust my instincts, and there are a thousand theories out there that are unmistakably flawed in major ways, those are easily dismissed. I’m not talking about…

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