Book Giveaway The Quickening: Book Two in the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy PLUS bonus

Head on over to Women & Words for an ebook of The Quickening! Leave a comment to be entered!

Women and Words

Happy Monday!

I’ve been kicking it in the office with a fever, trying to come up with a blog that was interesting, amusing, and thought provoking.

Alas, Macy, the muse – has left the building; she hates it when I’m sick.

So, I called on the illustrious and very cool Andi Marquette for help. She suggested I do a book giveaway. Since I don’t have any paperbacks on hand today – the giveaway will be an eBook – choose your format!

Here’s a bonus snippet from the book, and one of my favorites to write.

Tiffany hopped the bus that would take her to the ferry terminal. She knew she could have asked Sunny or Jordan for a ride, but she didn’t want to bother them with it. Besides, she thought, this way she didn’t have to answer any questions. Sunny would have known in second what happened with Kat…

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