Happy Sunshiny Faces

Women and Words

It’s Monday!
The point in which I should have a complete blog for you to read.

How about some awesome flowers instead?
sunshine and flowers


If you are of the “I have to go to work” clan… Here’s another.

images (1) - Copy

Okay, I’ve covered both tribes.

Being as I just read Jove’s blog she posted on Tuesday– and it pretty much covered what I was going to blog about today – I’ll let you read about her “narrow little pocket of niceness.” I call it my “happy bubble.”

Every Empath needs a happy bubble. It’s required if I’m going to make it through a day full of (justifiably) negative posts and news reports. I have to put myself in one. Or end up in a straight jacket.

bubble green

It was years before I learned I was an Empath AND I could learn how to control it. Imagine feeling responsible for world hunger! I mean…

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