Coming out of Hibernation

Women and Words

Happy Monday!

Hope you turned your clock forward – or you were late this morning 🙂

The time for winter to pass has been long overdue for me. I wrote a post about The Doldrums not too long ago and I’m extremely grateful to be out of them.

Much like Arturuo must have been in The Never Ending Story 🙂

During November, I write like a madwoman for the NanoWriMo. I hit my word count before Thanksgiving so I can relax (???) during the Holiday season. And when that’s over – Winter is in full force and the Doldrums have taken up residence in my head.

In January, I open the chaos I created in November, and cry. I watch helplessly as my author buddies are posting their word counts and cheering each other for their amazing achievements.

During the next two months, I have hard time getting off…

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