More Adventures in Vonnie Land…

Women and Words

My closest friends would most certainly tell you Vonnie-land is awesome, and they love to visit. Of course, I think it’s pretty cool as well – It’s the reason why it’s named in an amusement park style.

fun park

If you haven’t read any of my other blogs, you are likely to be confused and lost. That’s okay, I usually am too – it’s a normal part of living here in the VL.

There are no road maps to Vonnie-land. treasure No signs that read “open for business,” no set hours, no directions, no “X” marks the spot, and the only real rides are reserved for Sandy. 🙂

Vonnie-land is a state of being. It’s where I live.

I’ve written ‘travel’ blogs about adventures in Vonnie-land, and what it’s like to live here. If you click on my name – over there on the right side, listed under contributors, you’ll find all…

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