GCLS 2014

I’m excited! RG called me out by name and everything! 🙂

Women and Words

As readers of this blog know, I attended this year’s GCLS in Portland, Oregon. Several of us here at Women & Words were there: Andi Marquette, Yvonne Heidt, and Jove Belle. Every year brings something new for me at these events. This year, I got to meet Jove in person. I’d met Yvonne last year and was excited to finally meet Jove, as well as many other authors and readers. And, yes, everyone is as nice in person as they are online (although, I can be sketchy at times). And I was so happy to see and hang out with old friends.

Last year was the first time I’d done a reading and an author chat. This year, I was on my first panels: “So I Had This Idea…,” moderated by Karin Kallmaker, and “Eat Your Heart Out: Reading About Food,” moderatedby Lynn Ames, who is the first one to…

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