My LATE post 2014 GCLS

Women and Words

If you want to know how much value a friend puts on your relationship – and how much they truly like you – do the following:

First, ask them if you can stay at their house – even if you’ve only been Facebook friends up to that point… Good friends, involving months of communication, and several intense phone calls – but, in reality, you’ve still never met face to face.

Next, ask them to pick you up at the airport (which is currently under construction) DURING rush hour traffic.

Then learn your plane was 45 minutes late arriving from it’s scheduled time, and realize that previously mentioned said friend had to circle the arrival area fighting four lanes of traffic around an airport (under construction) during rush hour – for 45 minutes…

Have I painted the details?


Well, she must have liked me tremendously – because (after all…

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