Hootenanny 2014 – Day 4

We’re all up in the holiday spirit here! Make sure you hit the link, leave a comment – and the rest is up to the merry little elves!

Women and Words


LOOK AT YOU, my little maids a’ milking and lords a’ leaping! Clearly, you haven’t been completely inundated and overwhelmed at this holiday house party we like to call the Hootenanny merry elf oh no they di’n’t circuit party. GOOD. Because we haven’t stopped up in here! The eggnog is now flowing pretty freely (and probably some other beverages) and we’re on our 98th pot of coffee and we’ve taken to using the peppermint vault as a reviver, but that’s all right because THIS IS HOW WE ROLL this time of year.

From all of us here, thanks to all the authors and publishers who have made this event possible. Without you, there would be no Hootenanny (THE HORROR!) and we are so grateful for your generosity, helping share the luv this time of year. THANK YOU from the bottoms of our hearts and eggnog red solo cups. And of…

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