Hootenanny 2014 – Day 5

We’re not even done yet! Go check out Women & Words DAY 5 of the hootenanny! We’re all about getting some amazing authors into our tribe ladies! Sorry – no toaster ovens….. Just awesome books!

Women and Words



KIDDING! What, are you nuts? DO NOT EVER STOP us in the Hootenanny world o’ freaky fiesta! (Speaking of…HAPPY HANUKKAH!) Here we are, Day 5, and my stars n’ garters, but the elves have already decorated the reindeer and the neighbor’s dog. Which is fine, because the dog likes the elves and the tinsel they make her wear every year. The neighbors put up with it because the elves bake really good brownies and they’re quite generous with those.

And, of course, the egg nog. Which the elves generally like to make themselves, but sometimes they go out on supply runs for a certain kind of ‘nog, especially if it’s getting late. They prefer to make their batches in the morning, but they keep a stash on hand of ready-made.

(hint: “Frosty the Snowman” [in case it wasn’t really obvious])

Frosty the bookman was a well-read happy…

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