Hootenanny 2014 – Day 7

We’re still partying up in here over at Women and Words – and giving away books galore! Today the PUBLISHERS are in on it – go and get you some!

Women and Words


Here we are! We’ve passed the halfway point, but that doesn’t mean a dang thing back here at Women and Words. Oh, hold on…


Every year, at least one reindeer thinks he can get on up there with the elves and do those b-boy dance battles or whatever the hell and sure enough — I DON’T CARE IF TUCKER IS JUMPING UP AND DOWN ON THE TABLE. HE WEIGHS A LOT LESS! Omg. No, Comet, I do not think you’re fat. But you are a reindeer and Tucker is an elf. Big difference. Like, many pounds/stone/kilograms difference. Why don’t you go to the trampoline?

Tucker gettin' his b-boy on. Tucker gettin’ his b-boy on.

Anyway. Good thing we’ve got the trampoline. And good thing we moved it outside. All it took was one reindeer stuck in the ceiling by the antlers. Just sayin’.

So, NO, day 7 doesn’t mean…

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