Hootenanny 2014 – Day 8

We’re STILL at it! Day 8 of the Hootenanny! Check out some DOUBLE packs from your favorite authors! Women and Words are rocking the house with all the holiday giveaways!

Women and Words


Sweet jumpin’ jellybeans, my Hootenanny-goers! Here we are on Day 8 and the livin’ is cray-cray! I could build a fortress of solitude with the pizza boxes and have enough left over to buttress my snow fort, which the elves have totally taken over. They and the reindeer use it for their epic snowball fights, which usually end up with piles of elves laughing really hard and reindeer stampeding through the yard, barely avoiding those giant inflatable snowmen. The elves were all about those this year.

Tucker went out on yet another supply run and met up with a bunch of friends who stopped by and helped mail some books out. That Tucker. He’s kind of a player. But remember, what happens at Women and Words stays at Women and Words.

One hopes, anyway…

Hey, THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the authors and publishers who graciously donated this year…

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