Hootenanny 2014 – Day 10

I’m SO excited – And I just can’t HIDE it! 🙂 It’s Paranormal day at the HOOTENANNY – what does that mean? It means MY books are up for winning today! Go and find out how to win!

Women and Words


WOO HOO! You made it to Day 10! We knew you could. We knew you’d be all into the party once you got going! So glad you’re here, and so glad you haven’t succumbed to the free-flowing eggnog, the massive amounts of holiday pizza, and the near-constant dance sessions all over the place. That’s why we have the merry elves, because we know they’ll keep this monster jam going non-freaking-stop!

The neighbors brought over a bunch of donuts this morning (great — yet another elven sugar high) and we’ve got the coffee on and the reindeer are trying to sing some carols, but I’m pretty sure there’s another hockey match scheduled this afternoon which invariably leads to a major game of Crack the Whip, which means it’ll totally be raining elves.

But THAT’S OKAY! Because this, my friends, is HOOTENANNY TIME! This is how we do it, and the more…

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