Hootenanny 2014 – Day 9

Day 9 – and Women & Words is STILL giving away free books! There seems to be no limit to the generosity of the authors and publishers!
And that’s a very good thing for YOU! Go enter!

Women and Words


The party don’t stop, no it sure don’t stop, not even when we get there! WELCOME, friends, family, freaks, frolickers, festive sorts to DAY 9! We don’t really take breathers around here. The elves are nonstop over the top because the Hootenanny is all about sharing the luuuuv, sharing the fun, sharing the awesome.

Speaking of, Tucker’s friends thought they’d bob for apples, but the reindeer started eating them (the apples. Not the friends.) which totally put a damper on that activity, but not to worry! The elves moved quickly to s’mores outside and before you know it, they had a conga line and then the reindeer helped out with a limbo pole (now THERE’S a sight you don’t see every day).

And isn’t that just the best reason to hang around? Well, that and all the authors and publishers who have donated books to our crazy holiday extravaganza! Thanks…

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