New and Improved Holiday Memories

Learning some hard truths about myself and making new and wonderful memories 🙂

Women and Words

Well, here we are – two days and wake up for the brand new year!
time flying
I’ve barely gotten used to typing 2014 – and just realized this is my last post for it 🙂


This was Sandy’s – (referred to hereafter as: The Saint) thirteenth Christmas with me. And I can tell you with complete honesty – the very first I’ve allowed myself – key word, allowed – to truly get in the spirit (instead of pretending) for many years.

I have a point – I do…

“Focus, Yvonne,” I said to myself while swinging my bright red Super-ADD cape off my shoulder.

The old holiday blues started coming on when they put the Christmas stuff out after Halloween.

I began building the wall again.

The one that surrounds and protects how I really feel.

Which was – I wanted everything back the way it used to be

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