Get Ready. The Wait is Nearly Over…

It’s NEARLY here! Enter to win an autographed copy!

Women and Words

The Deadening: Book Three in the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy is almost in your hands!

It’s time to re-read the first two in the series – and how do I know? Because of the wonderful letters I’ve received that told me several readers were going to do just that 🙂

I have awesome readers – and I appreciate you!

We started the award winning series with Jordan and Sunny Skye’s story. Book one tells us how Sunny, Tiffany, and Shade, met as children before creating the Sisters of Spirits in The Awakening…(on sale now at Bold Strokes Books)The AwakeningThe Quickening
Then we continued the series with our Tiffany and Kat in The Quickening: Book Two. And after battling more killers, ghosts and demons with the Sisters – that’s where I left all of you breathless and hanging off razor wire.

cracked glass

I’m not at all sorry 🙂


Because –…

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