Messing with Mother Nature

Women and Words

Well, it’s my Monday, and top of the morning to you!

The headlines are screaming with weather and event disasters around the world.

I can’t help but think of that old 70’s commercial:

Now, IF I were a conspiracy theorist – I might say that everything is going nuts because somewhere – somehow – somebody – did something they weren’t supposed to….

Hmm…  I could go there – IF I were a CT.  🙂

There is so much information out there – you have to cherry pick (what they believe to be the truth) with caution. AND everyone cherry picks differently according to their own understanding and experiences.

Do I think they’re all true? Absolutely not.

Do I believe there’s a kernel of truth?

The answer is,  yes.

Do the weather patterns affect me physically?  Yes.

Psychically? Absolutely.

That brings me around to a principal of The Chaos Theory: The…

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