The House on Fourth Street – Revisited

My 50th post on Women and Words 🙂

Women and Words

That which doesn’t kill us – makes us stronger.

So they say.  Now that I’m on this new journey, it’s time to revisit that which terrified me – so I can conquer it.

Fourth Street – I was so scared of it, that after I wrote this series, I deleted all after having nightmares about it!

I thought I had destroyed all the copies – but with the wonder of the internet – I ran across it…

Coincidence?  I’ll let you decide.

One of the most haunted houses I’ve ever lived in was – scratch that. THE most haunted house I’ve ever lived in was on 4th street in Bremerton, Washington. We lived there for almost three years, but I couldn’t find any pictures but this one of the stairs leading up to it. Fortunately, it’s creepy enough to set the stage for my story.

Every house I’ve lived in…

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