Things We Lost in the Fire

Women and Words

It’s hard to believe it’s the fourth Monday in February already. But – the calendar says it’s so…

Since last June – third to be exact  – I haven’t written anything of consequence.  I’ve tried, believe me.

But that isn’t what I was going to blog about.

Well, I don’t think anyway – we’ll see where the blog takes me….


Just a reminder of how my brain works!

Since I haven’t been writing – I’ve been doing those Pinterest projects I’ve pinned and/or lusted over.

I’m a creative person – and I MUST create – whether it’s writing or making something of bits and pieces of stuff in my garage – I feel I have to.  It’s in my nature.


Consider the following synonyms 🙂

Build * Conceive * Constitute * Construct * Design * Devise  * Discover  * Establish  Set-up  * Shape  * Spawn  * Start  * Actualize…

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