Thumbtacks on a Rampage

Women and Words

I’ve written before that I’ve named my muse,. Macy – because Macy rhymes with, Racy – which is my thought process and creative path from which my fiction flows.

I’ve also referred to Macy (and myself) having the attention span of a gnat on crack.

When translated means simply – We both have Attention Deficit Disorder.

It works like this…


I’m repeating all of this because I’ve received a ton of questions about her.  Bear with me.

Really, hang in there!

Macy has been missing since last June. When I came home from the hospital, I would sit in my office chair, then spring up as if tacks were built into the seat. I don’t know why – but I couldn’t stay in this damn chair. It came to the point I didn’t even want to pass the door way to my office. That’s a damn shame because I had to on…

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