Women and Words

I’ve decided to go the safe route when titling my blog. Those of you who know me or read several of my blogs, do  know it’s apt – because half the time (ok, truth – more) I don’t know where I’ll end up in the process 🙂

many road signs

However, I do know  this isn’t in any way going to resemble a poor me, Macy ran away blog, and I have a creative block, blah, blah. We are well through this now!

*Cue Jim Morrison and Break on Through…  (you’re welcome!)

breaking thru brick wall

I want to take the time to thank ya’ll for being patient with me and reading virtually the same blog every month with new pictures. Now that’s dedication!  Or probably the reason why my views went down dramatically.  I prefer the first option. 🙂

See? I’m doing it already…  Focus.

Truth is, after I signed with Sapphire Books

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