Hootenanny 2016 – Day 2

Here we go! Day 2 of the 12 day giveaway 🙂

Women and Words

Day 2.jpg

Well. What did you think about Day 1, my little shivering sugarplums? Uh-huh. You thought we were making it all up, about all the books we’re giving away and blah blah blah…NO! WE DO NOT MAKE THIS UP! I mean, the merry elves sometimes make stuff up and right now, they’re in the back and they’re really quiet, so that can mean one of two things. They’re either spiking the eggnog or they’re all absorbed in Star Wars: Rogue One trailers — ‘scuse me a minute…YOU GUYS BETTER NOT BE RUNNING THE BATTERY DOWN ON MY PHONE… ::ahem:: because OMG it opens the 16th and you remember last year when they went cray over Force Awakens. They’ve already busted out their light sabers and cosplay and omg we’ll see how that goes. We may let them take in a matinee because it does get crazy here.

It opens THIS WEEK, people. And Tucker is a huge Star Wars fan... It opens THIS WEEK…

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