Hootenanny 2016 – Day 3

Day 3 of the Hootenanny! Click to go to Women & Words and leave a comment for a chance to win FREE books 🙂 Yay Holiday Season!

Women and Words


HA HA HAHAHAAAAAAAA! Y’all thought we were funnin’. And teasin’. And just pretending that we weren’t going to give away a major giant crazy huge WTF stack of books n’ swag. NEVER! MUAH HA HA!!!

Tucker is shopping for later (that BETTER be later...) Tucker is shopping for later (that BETTER be later…)

I can say with certainty that the party is cranking up exponentially. You know how the elves are. They’re just all stoked at the outset and then they just turn it up. There’s already a dance party going on under the tree — I told Tucker not to worry too much about getting such a nice tree. He was feeling festive, so I couldn’t talk him out of it. The reindeer are out back playing snow-kay. That’s croquet in the snow and the elves are chasing the balls all over the neighbor’s yard. Fortunately, we always give at least a month’s notice, so everybody around here…

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