Hootenanny 2016 – Day 4

Can you believe it? Day 4 of the Hootenanny! leave a comment on the highly entertaining blog for a chance to win free books and SWAG – there’s even amazon gift cards! Whoo-hoo Women and Words​ is getting crazy over there! Hit the link!

Women and Words


WELL, HELLOOOOOO my little peppermint drops! How are you holding up? I always recommend that people who participate in the Hootenanny go on the merry elf diet, which pretty much consists of eggnog (which may or may not be spiked), chocolate, pizza, and coffee. They of course drink it with lots of sugar and cream. This diet does wonders for metabolism. Of course, you’ll feel it at the end, but everybody needs a 12-day party once a year, so why not?

The reindeer probably should NOT engage in the merry elf diet. When they’re over-caffeinated, their antlers quake. The elves are currently building a death star out of snow out back because, as you know, they’re huge Star Wars fans, and at some point, this whole exercise will devolve into a rebel attack, with elves using reindeer as tie fighters and X-wing fighters — oh, never mind. It’s already started…

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