Hootenanny 2016 – Day 7

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Women and Words

A tangled ball of Christmas lights

DAY SEVEN of the festivities! How are you, my little cherry pop-tarts? I assume you’re still trucking right along with us and as predicted, things are cray-cray! But that ALWAYS happens during the Hootenanny, so we just shake our heads and go about our business. About this time we give up trying to organize and clean the place up. It’s hard to find things under the piles of tinsel and pizza boxes, but whatever. The elves have magic, so if I really need something, I ask them to find it. LOL

"I came in like a wrecckkiinng baaaaaaaallllll!!!!!!!!" “I came in like a wrecckkiinng baaaaaaaallllll!!!!!!!!”

OMG you guys. The elves have launched into a major karoake production out back. I think they’re using one of the neighbors’ machines, and he seems fine with it because he’s right now doing a rendition of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” How much eggnog have they given him? I’ll…

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