Hootenanny 2016 – Day 9

Day 9 of the Hootenanny! No one is taking any breaks up in here! Hit the link, read the blog, check out the plethora of books available. Please leave a comment for a chance to win books and swag 🙂

Women and Words

A tangled ball of Christmas lights

You made it! Day 9! But guess what? WE ARE STILL GOING STRONG UP IN HERE. That’s right. This party DOES NOT STOP FOR TWELVE DAYS. The elves don’t suddenly decide to have a bit of a lie-down around this time and oh, la-di-da we’re just going to lounge and binge-watch Star Wars. No. They’re on their third wind or whatever it is and it’s about this time that the parties are in serious full-swing because they manage to get the entire block in on it and right now there are reindeer line dances on the neighbors’ roofs while the elves are drag-racing in Barbie cars down the middle of the street. The neighbors love that, because it’s the elves doing their version of the Fast and the Furious. Which, fortunately, end up in snow banks.

One of the neighbors was kind enough to fire up the grill so we…

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