Hootenanny 2016 – Day 10

Day 10 – it’s going fast – The Hootenanny rocks. I’M UP TODAY IN THE GIVEAWAYS! Hit the link, read the blog, leave a comment for a chance to win MINE or any of the other amazing authors in the giveaway today!

Women and Words


Day 10, my friends, and the livin’ is cray! Jove and I always tell people that the Hootenanny is seriously big. It’s big giveaways. 30-50 books a day. And they don’t believe us. There’s always this kind of skeptical expression. And we say we get over a hundred authors and a bunch of publishers and the lists are different every day, but still people don’t believe us.

And then they come and see.


And that is pretty much what happens! We love the Hootenanny because we love participating in our communities and we love how awesome the authors and publishers are who participate and willingly — GLADLY — put up books for readers and everybody just gets in to it. But we also love the Hootenanny because it allows readers to get exposed to bunches of authors, and we hope you use these lists throughout the year. :)…

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