Big News and a Book Giveaway

Make sure to hit the link to go to Women & Words for a chance to win an autographed copy!

Women and Words

Happy Monday!

Something fabulous has happened since we’ve talked last.

I’m down to six hot-flashes a day.

Well, not really but I’m almost sure they’ve decreased. Maybe.

OF course that’s not the BIG news.



Meet Me in the Middle is now available in AUDIO!

I know, right?

And because I’m learning how to make those cool little box ads, here is my freshman attempt.

AD 6

Seriously, I don’t know why I always like to tilt things, it’s what appeals to me. To be fair, my furniture is catty-corner too.

To celebrate, I’m giving away an autographed paperback copy of the book.

And since pimping promoting is part of my job, I’m just going to leave this latest review of Meet Me in the Middle here…

“An absolute joy to read… A fabulous romance with a heavenly twist, a lot of laughter, endearing pets and very entertaining characters. I highly recommend…

View original post 864 more words


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