Rambling and a Paradigm Excerpt

Women and Words

“So,” –  have you noticed I start most of my blogs that way?

so what

I couldn’t resist and isn’t it fun when you can crack yourself up?

I’ll let you in on a little secret – I’m always grateful I’m easy to amuse.

Let me start with the word: Anecdote. Have you noticed if you say  and read it a dozen times – it becomes an alien word? Just a little food for thought from Vonnie Land.

As most of you know from my social site posts, I’m working on my edits for, Paradigm.

So, (see what I did there?) here is my obligatory pictures of my edit shark:


Why, you may ask? Because since I’ve posted one for every edit I’ve gone through (and this is my 6th) I can’t ever think of the word “edit” and not see one in my head.

Go on, you can check if you…

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