Time in Vonnie Land Number 383

Women and Words

I don’t know why I picked the #383 – It just happened.

Here we are again! Another rambling, roundabout look into an ADD author’s (mine!) life.

More’s the pity – I don’t have any pearls of wisdom, writing tips, excerpts, love notes from my characters, or anything of value going on to share with you today.


Time has flown by so quickly, the…

Wait – Let me refresh your memory of how it works over here where I live.

As if I hadn’t told a hundred times. (Hey, I could I have a new reader, right?)

images (4)

Over here in Vonnie Land – time is irrelevant. It’s a slippery thing – it ducks for cover, hides, and plain runs away from home. Mostly with my muse, Macy, (‘cuz it rhymes with Racy) But we’re not talking about her today.

Oh, we have a big clock on the wall in the living…

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