Are There Football Games in Heaven?

And why wouldn’t football be watched Heaven? I’ve heard there were Angels in the outfield and when Kevin Costner built it, they came.  *snicker*

I do wonder though – do they watch it knowing in advance who was going to win?  

Or do they just kick it and watch for the entertainment value with whatever snack they loved in this life – but without calories – I’m sure there aren’t any calories in Heaven. Or indigestion.

Hey, it’s my version.

Many of you know I’m a huge Hawks fan. It was hard not to be when my wife had lived in the area for her entire life. Then add my very best friend who also grew up there and the air was thick with loyalty and  instant adrenaline. Bremerton knew how to throw a football party!

But  – I digress.  (and you knew that  would happen…)

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Published by Yvonne Heidt

Yvonne likes to describe herself as being a charismatic and amusing Libra Goddess. On some days she writes like a fiend, but admits that other days, she's just as content to wrap up in a blanket and cuddle with her dogs while watching "one more episode." on Netflix. In between those, she's managed to be a three-time Golden Crown Literary Award winner for Best Paranormal, Lambda Literary Award Finalist, and both a Rainbow Award winner and finalist.

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