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OR – Dayamn I wish I had that energy again!

Here’s the skinny: I’d been cruising the internet and saw a link to my series of blog posts written during the crazy a** Nano month. It made me laugh and that’s when I decided to start the Hall of Fame. Why mess with something good, right? Ha-ha! No, seriously. With no further chit chat – and a commentary to nod at the present whenever possible – here we go into the Hall of Fame. Though originally written on Day 11 of the NaNo – today is officially Day 13 – so I’m late, hush.

NaNoWriMo and the ADD Author

Well, it’s Day 11 in the National Novel Writing Month journey. The frantic “Write 50,000 words in 30 days” challenge. Last time I wrote about plugging into the collective energy so to speak – and aspiring writers and authors around the world are sitting in front of their keyboards, tablets, laptops, and notebooks – in a creative frenzy to answer the challenge.


I see only one problem with this, and it’s a Universal Law: What goes up – must come down.

Down, down, down.

I’m at that point when I’m asking myself why the hell I thought I should do this again. It’s kind of like childbirth, if you remembered how much it hurt, you’d never, ever – do it again.

Because that would be crazy, right?

I was riding high, writing in a frenzy, pulling ahead of the daily par, and entering my word count faithfully – up to five times a day. (Hey, I’m obsessive like that.) I also write things I’ve already done on a list so I can cross them off and feel accomplished. 

That’s just me.

Anyway, here comes the hard part.

Staying plugged in.


For me, writing is very emotional. I dive right into my character’s heads while ripping out experiences from my soul. It’s exhausting for me. I can write a scene that lays me flat for the rest of the day – Jello-brained.

But I can’t let that stop me, oh no. I peel myself off the couch and do it again the next day.

Hell, let’s be honest here. My back hurts, my butt is asleep, and I have a wife whom I love very much (and get to see very little.) We have different schedules. Any experienced NaNo’er will tell you, having a life during this month is hard. I’m obsessed on the word count. My mind races constantly in order to keep up with it. I’m trying to structure a novel that’s worth reading, juggling wifely duties, and at this point, it seems that everything else in the world is in cahoots to distract me from my goal.

Mostly me.

This last week, I was sitting in my recliner, and my mind would not shut off. My muse was agitated and screaming at me to draw. I have made a couple of gifts over the last few years to give to members of my family, but it was art I’d already done. Not any new stuff.

Macy, the muse, (named such because it rhymes with-racy :)) revved her engines – then screeched out of “writing” gear, burning rubber before popping into “artist” mode.


“No!” I tell her. “I have a word count to keep. I must keep you focused.” (Hey, I tried.)

Macy loves to argue with me, and she usually wins, but that’s because I like to keep her happy, she sticks around that way. Anyone who has ever spent any time in front of a blank page knows the deal. I don’t even want to tell you what I’ve had to bribe her with in the past.

We go into the office, and then begin the near-futile search for drawing supplies. If you saw my office – where everything in the rest of the house comes to die – you would totally understand my dilemma. Not only have we made a cross country trip move from Washington to Alabama, we also moved from Alabama to Texas. Before each trip, I tried to organize, and each trip, I gave away more of my personal belongings – including craft supplies. Space over function, that’s what they tell me – but everyone knows that she who dies with the most craft supplies – wins.

I had reluctantly gave up my place in that contest and parted with my paints, pencils, watercolors, art books, tubs of various paper, and other assorted stuff which took up at least four purple tubs. At this point, I can’t find my existing work either.

While I’m in the closet with my head down and my ass in the air, I realize – man, I have to clean this stuff out. Clothes start flying out, shoes, boxes, and… OH LOOK what I found! I forgot I had this pretty, glass-antiquey thing hiding in here. What was I thinking? This needs to go in the living room where I can appreciate it!


I step over the clothes, around the boxes, and took it into the kitchen to clean it up. I put said thingy on the counter – but wait – there’s the dinner dishes. I have to wash those first because the shiny thing is too big to fit in the sink. I need a dishtowel, but there’s none in the drawer. I have to go into the garage and see if I even put them in the dryer, or forgot them (again) in the washer – at which point, I have to wash them again.


I was talking about the NaNo.

Do you SEE how easy it is to distract the ADD author?

I’ll get to my point.

The big difference between last year and this – is that I have author buddies now. They are priceless to me as they help keep me sane.

On paper anyway.

There’s a whole to be said about camaraderie.

This month, we have writing blitzes on FB wherein we race to see who can make the word count for the day. It helps keeps us accountable, and give (or take) encouragement as it’s needed.

I’m also crazy lucky to have Jove Belle in my life, because she totally rocks. If I’m off and running on a tangent (who me?) she brings me back to earth (kinda) and helps me redirect my focus. She’s also a great brainstorming partner.

And what’s with the people who say they’ve finished already? Really? What is their secret? They must be far more disciplined than I. The thought of writing over ten thousand words a day – gives me an instant headache and would leave me in an emotionally wrecked puddle on the floor.

Anyway, back to the point – which I’ve totally forgotten.

Oh yes, word count – and surviving the NaNo.

Hell with it, my mind went blank and I’m flying by the seat of my pants – again.

Damn it, Macy has run off. If you see her, don’t let her in. She’s been known to be a little dangerous at times, has a little sadistic streak, and a tendency to take you places you really don’t want to go.

Trust me on this.

Send her home.

TODAY: November 13th, 2019 – Unfortunately – I dropped out of NaNo this year. I have lots of excuses but no real justification other than I’m still like a gnat on crack and it’s been hectic and difficult. I could keep going but why ruin the fun of the NaNo high? 🙂

Hall of Fame Repost *NOVEMBER 11, 2013*

Samhain and the NaNo Ninja Empath

Happy Samhain! Or close enough anyway. I don’t have a lot to say about it other than I’ll set a place for Dezi at the table on the 31st 🙂 Not my favorite holiday. The veil is thin and I’m usually confronted by something or other in more ways than one.

(Its ok… I’ll go and sage and put up my protection after I post this. )

So, we’ll postpone the writing prompt party for this month and post about the NaNoWriMo instead! This tidbit was originally published in 2013 but I find it still applicable:

It’s ALMOST November, and the National Novel Writing Month, also known as The NaNo, is upon us.

Ready to plug in?

Across the vast internet, social networking sites, and personal blogs, you will find encouragement, advice, and inspiration. You can almost hear the screams of frustration, see the overflowing ashtrays, empty coffee cups, snack wrappers, and feel the ripping sensation of authors round the world staring at an empty page and tearing at the hair.

messy desk

I have a great imagination:)

Oh yeah, I’m also an Empath.

For me, The NanoWriMo is so much more than a contest, or gimmick, or mere momentary connection.

I enjoy the pull of anticipation of people coming together, plugging in, to accomplish a common goal: Write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.

The first time I joined in on the challenge, I hadn’t been published yet – it was just a faraway dream for “someday.” But my muse woke up, plugged herself into the manic energy, and brought me hope. Could this event be the motivation for that elusive day?

once upon a time

1667 words a day, for 30 days. Sounds simple doesn’t it?


My first year, I wrote a story about six women stranded on an island. Each of them had a detailed background, and a point-of-view which I expertly wove throughout the entire story.

Believe that?


I sat on the back screened porch and wrote furiously on yellow tablets throughout the day, and entered them into a document faithfully the next morning. Some nights I would have twenty two pages to put in.

I was proud of myself, and updating that word count was instant gratification for me. Here was something that I could point to and say “See? I can do this!” Maybe, writing a book is not such an unattainable goal.

I liked being accountable – to myself. Here was something I was good at – and at that point in my life, I needed to know I was good at something. I needed some new goals and achievements I could be proud of. The NaNo gave me permission to unleash the stuff going on in my head – to give a voice to the characters I’d created through the years, and then chained the dungeon of “someday.”

See? This is how the Universe works for me. I talked last week about how circumstances and fate kept putting me in the same places as Sandy. If we missed one opportunity, looking back – I can see where another one was offered in its place.

So, the NaNo gave me a short term goal, with quick results – not something for next year, or maybe five years from now. It allowed me to create something out of the chaos.


I reached for and exceeded, the 50,000 word challenge that year. It gave me a profound feeling of accomplishment, one I hadn’t experienced since I was a young girl. One I truly and desperately needed in order to come out of the dark.

I guess my point in this: I couldn’t see the forest through the trees most times. I was taught to look at life through a negative lens – look at the obstacles and the crisis – rather than the progress and solutions. List the reason why you can’t – rather than list the reasons you can. Life is a struggle rather than a journey. Find your flaws, rather than your creativity.

You get the point.

So, in a way – The NaNo has taught me how to look at things differently. Hundreds of people writing in around the world tell me – and hundreds of thousands of additional writers:

Keep going!
You can!
You will!

There are hundreds of blogs, emails, and prompts to help keep you going. The forums are full of suggestions and advice to help you achieve the goal – with good and stellar intentions.

Now, think of this multitude of positive reinforcement going out as energy high into into the world’s magnetic atmosphere. It’s awesomely tangible for me; I can literally feel it – even as I sit alone at my desk in my corner of the world.

hand in energy

So, if you find my posts a little manic and disjointed this month (well, more than usual) – it’s because I’m high on the energy 

Good luck! And remember – my books are the best for Halloween chills and thrills… LOL

It might be a cop out – but I’m also blocking out a project to join in the fun myself.

How about you?

Writing Prompt Party II

Come have fun with me over at Women and Words!  I thought it would be interesting to answer some of the journal prompts together.  Not only will we have fun, we’ll also get to know each other. In addition, due to the nature of some of the questions – we’ll have a little friendly group therapy too! please take note – the prompts on the blog here are in no particular order – just at my whim.  *insert evil laugh here*  AND to ease us in, I’m starting with the easy questions LOL.

via Writing Prompt Party II

Tornados and Tutus

Women and Words

Good afternoon!  A little late – but here to be counted, that’s something, right?

So, we had major excitement (or is that trauma) here in Greenville, Texas last

Picture it: Greenville, Texas, June 20th, 2019. It was late afternoon, Thursday.

Earlier in the afternoon about 2:00, Sandy and I had an alert on our phone for Severe Weather, thunderstorm watch.  And then – nothing.

After Sandy went to work and I was here alone with the dogs, we indeed had a thunderstorm, but it totally seemed normal for Texas – we have some doozies! I never how true the line in a Garth Brooks song “And the thunder rolls” was until I moved south. They don’t have thunderstorms in Washington quite like they do in the South. They talk to you here. But that’s another story.

Any-way, I received a text from my friend Susan asking how I was…

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Sex Lies Drugs and Smart Cast

Women and Words

1abonesCatchy, right?

Let me start with this. It seems as if I’m constantly apologizing for my (lack) of blogs and/or the content within.

Last month’s blog was sitting in the “draft” section – I never hit publish! And I hadn’t been back on the office computer since I wrote it.

I can’t even make up a good excuse.  Well, actually I could – I AM a writer after all – but … but I’ll let you in on a little secret – it helps immensely when you turn the page on a wall calendar to the correct month – before  that month is over!  I went from February to April overnight! I stressed and nagged myself to death to get this blog done – come hell or high water. And do you know what?  I glanced down at the little box in the corner of my screen and it says……

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Escaping 2018

Finally! Finally! we’re up and posting today’s blog. After the long, long day fighting with well, everything – this is what I came up with. It doesn’t resemble the original in any way. This is what happens when someone who is severely ADD – is permanently cut off of her meds! Solutions and ideas to follow on my regularly scheduled blog next month.

Women and Words

Good morning strangers!

It feels odd wishing you a Happy New Year at the end of January but when you blog on the 4th Monday of the month, you work with what you have.

Did you miss me?

I missed me.


I’m going to start by stating 2018 was a rough ride. You probably knew that by reading my blogs over the last several months. Full of depression and repeated declarations to pull myself up and out of it to come back online and join the land of the living. I believed what I was writing at the time, and with memory problems, I probably wrote the same blog every month!  I made promises, people. But, by the next morning, I broke every single one of them. Like a bungee cord that snapped back every morning, resistance was futile.

To keep the very long story – short (kinda!) Here is…

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Spooks Ghosts and Demons

Women and Words

Good afternoon Women & Words readers!

I’m halfway through the day and after passing the calendar on my wall – I noticed there is a big fat mark that reminded me I have a blog today.

As always, it caught me by surprise. I don’t have anything fancy prepared for you all – (I’m passing on the 70’s series due to non-interest) and after a phone call from my publisher, I’m told I I have dismally low sales. Did I lose all my readers by being absent?  I really hope not.  I’m thinking the whole out of sight out of mind thing is applying here. And I feel (as my publisher, the great Sapphire Books, Inc.) does – I must remedy that pronto 🙂

Writing the paranormal is one of favorite things to do, and I love  hearing from readers that they enjoy what I do as well.


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Giveaway Party for Paradigm

Please hit the link and leave your comments for a chance to win over at the Women & Words blog!

Women and Words

1.its about timeI hope you all are having an awesome day – ‘cuz I am!

Ya’ll are going to have to wait for me to continue part two of “Things My Babysitter Taught me.”

Why, you may ask?

Well. I’m certainly going to tell you…

Paradigm, my new dark paranormal book…

IS AVAILABLE for pre-order on Amazon!

Tattooed beautiful woman in old spooky interior

Electronic copies scheduled for release on October 15th! Just in time for Halloween – which I might add, is TOTALLY  appropriate for the storyline…

On that date – I will be giving away a copy in the format of your choice (Epub, PDF, or Mobi)

Here is MORE good news!

I want you to leave a comment for a chance to win an autographed print copy of Paradigm. I will be giving away an author copy as soon as I receive them.

I know it’s been a long wait for my readers – and…

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Things My Babysitter Taught Me Part 1

Ooops! A little late- here’s the latest blog post on Women and Words 🙂

Women and Words

Happy Monday!

It’s been a while, huh?  I missed my regularly scheduled blog last month and for that, I apologize. Can you believe it’s the end of August already?  I’d bet money most every blogger is asking the same question all ‘round the world.

Enough with the small talk 🙂 time for me to address the title of this blog… We’re going back in time, waaaaaay back.1.seventies collage

Back to the time when an entire generation stayed out until the streetlights came on and the developers of all our amazing technology and electronics hadn’t  been born yet…

Since I brought up generations, I’ll give us all a little brush up and where we all stand…

generational chart

When I had the idea to revisit the past, it was my intention to jump right in with slices of my life of pop culture. But then I realized – there are 3 more generations who…

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Latest Paradigm News


I know you all have been patiently waiting (or impatiently) for my newest paranormal novel, Paradigm. If you love all things scary, I’ve gone back to my roots, and have a dark, dark tale to share soon.

My strike of all things social media is ending this month. It’s hard to be happy and upbeat when you feel the world is crashing around you.

I think I’ve been away long enough to have built some kind of barrier between myself and the chaos.

I’ve done something very unwise – I started watching Game of Thrones and I’ve begun with episode one (with all of them available)  I’m going to have a set a rule to get my stuff done before they pull me in all the way – and I’m well gone already…

I knew it would happen – but I didn’t listen to me!

In any case…
I DO have something to share with you today.

My publisher, Sapphire Books   (linked so you can sign up for our newsletter and find out WHEN you can get your hands on a copy of Paradigm) Sent me the final cover to share.

I think it’s amazing and I hope you do too! For me, it completely represents Gypsy, our host for the paranormal television series, Paradigm, around which the book is written.

I will have more information available within the next month on the final release.


Tattooed beautiful woman in old spooky interior

Bad things happen in the dark…

… Leave the lights on.


If you have time, you can leave me a comment below on what you think!

Have an awesome day 🙂

PS – I’m now on episode 5 of GOT…

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