A Contest that Gives and Gives… Oh, and Gives!

Head on over to Jae’s website for an awesome contest! Solve crosswords and win books. The great thing is that this runs all year long! How freaking cool is that? AND (yay!) Some of my books are going to be up for you to win. Spread the word – there are a HUGE amount ofContinue reading “A Contest that Gives and Gives… Oh, and Gives!”

Holiday Giveaway – Scroll down for winner list. Thank you!

Keep scrolling to read what they’re saying about Meet Me in the Middle… *Lorraine R. has won Tuesday’s drawing. Fear not – LOL the rest of your names are still in the drawing all week! It would be very cool if you could repost tomorrow – thank you! *BOASIE8- up for Weds! Cora & JennyContinue reading “Holiday Giveaway – Scroll down for winner list. Thank you!”

Latest Paradigm News

Yay! I know you all have been patiently waiting (or impatiently) for my newest paranormal novel, Paradigm. If you love all things scary, I’ve gone back to my roots, and have a dark, dark tale to share soon. My strike of all things social media is ending this month. It’s hard to be happy andContinue reading “Latest Paradigm News”

NewsFlash Author Update

Last year, after my heart attack, it was necessary for me to shuffle some personal and business cards in life. I left Bold Strokes Books after Radclyffe and IĀ reached mutually agreeable terms for meĀ to pursue a different path in the future. I will be forever grateful to them for giving meĀ aĀ chance and publishing myĀ multiple awardContinue reading “NewsFlash Author Update”

From the Boots Up by Andi Marquette Book Blitz

Today, I’m honored to be hosting the awesome Book Blitz featuring From the Boots Up by my good buddy, Andi Marquette! Go ahead – READ ON… You’ll find a preview and excerpt of her book – after which I’m sure – you’ll want to hit the links to WIN a copy! Book Title: From theContinue reading “From the Boots Up by Andi Marquette Book Blitz”