Sneak Peek – The Quickening: Book Two in the Sister of Spirits Trilogy

Women and Words

Who’s ready for a sneak peek? As I am in the middle of edits, and oh-so easily distracted – I thought a snippet of The Quickening: Book Two in the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy might be the perfect thing to post this week.

Let me catch you up with a little background information.

S.O.S. is a paranormal investigative society of three women who are each gifted in different ways. They met filming a documentary about psychic kids and have been best friends since.

Book One: The Awakening – is Sunny’s and Jordan’s story. We meet them along with Tiffany and Shade – the charismatic team of Sisters of Spirits. The story is chock full of colorful characters and ghosts. If you’ve missed it, you can find it here at Bold Strokes Books.

I’ve written the trilogy so each book is a stand-alone story, with just a tiny lead- in…

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